CCAT is excited to be in attendance of TRB 2020! Below, you can find a list of the Lectern/Poster sessions that involve U-M and CCAT rsearch. You can view a PDF version by clicking here.

Day/Time Presenter/Project Title Session Location Presentation Number Board Number
Monday, 8:00AM-9:45AM T. Tang, Y. Guo, X. Zhou, and S. Zhu, Understanding Electric Bike Riders’ Traffic Rule Violating Intention and Accident Proneness in China Poster 1144 Convention Center, Hall A 20-00400 A185
Monday, 8:00AM-9:45AM  N. Masoud, Modular Transit: Making Public Transportation Flexible Poster 1150 Convention Center, Hall A 20-00884 B409
Monday, 8:00AM-9:45AM D. Vignon and Y. Yin, Ride-Sourcing, Congestion and Regulation Poster 1136 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01761 A135
Monday, 8:00AM-9:45AM J. Feng, R. Du, S. Chen, Z. Ye, J. Wang, and S. Labi, Evaluation of an Automated People Mover in Downtown Indianapolis Poster 1150 Convention Center, Hall A 20-03006 B406
Monday, 10:15AM-12:00PM S. Chen, Y. Leng, and S. Labi, Direct Characterization of the Driving Environment using a Deep Learning Algorithm for Purposes of Autonomous Driving Simulation Poster 1211 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01828 A187
Monday, 10:15AM-12:00PM Z. Xu, Y. Yin, H. Zhu, and J. Ye, A Survival Analysis of Ride-Sourcing Drivers’ Dwelling Behavior at Spot Markets Poster 1226 Convention Center, Hall A 20-03432 B316
Monday, 10:15AM-12:00PM H. Cai, K. (Nadia) Gkritza and Z. Zhang, An Agent-Based Simulation Model of Autonomous Vehicles Based on CTPP Commuting Data Poster 1210 Convention Center, Hall A P20-20111 A215
Monday, 1:30PM-3:15PM Y. Guo, S. Agrawal, S. Peeta, and I. Benedyk, Understanding Safety Implications of Location-based Augmented Reality Mobile Apps: Perception, Attitude, and App Usage Behavior Poster 1285 Convention Center, Hall A 20-00362 A181
Monday, 1:30PM-3:15PM S. Huang, W. Wong, H.X. Liu, and Y. Feng, Falsified Vehicle Trajectory Identification by Anomaly Detection in a Connected Vehicle Environment Poster 1553 Convention Center, Hall A 20-02329 B436
Monday, 1:30PM-3:15PM X. Wang, S. Shen, Y. Feng, D. Bezzina, J. Sayer, and H.X. Liu, A Data Infrastructure for Connected Vehicle Applications Lectern 1234 Convention Center, 151B 20-03305  –
Monday, 1:30PM-3:15PM S. Bao, B. Yu, J. Sullivan, M. Flannagan, Measurement and Prediction of Driver Trust in Automated Vehicle Technologies: An Application of Hand Position Transition Probability Matrix Poster 1285 Convention Center, Hall A  20-02615 A193
Monday, 3:45PM-5:30PM E. Gungor, All for One: Central Optimization of Autonomous Truck Platoons to Increase Pavement Longevity using Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication Poster 1335 Convention Center, Hall A 20-00601 B450
Monday, 3:45PM-5:30PM S. Feng, Y. Feng, X. Yan, S. Shen, Y. Wang, C. Yang, Y. Zhang, and H.X. Liu, Safety Assessment of Highly Automated Driving Systems: A New Framework Lectern 1316 Convention Center, Salon B 20-01530
Monday, 3:45PM-5:30PM S. Bao, Y. Zhang, B. Yu, Y. Feng, Y. Wang, and C. Yang, Real-time Prediction of Hard-Braking Behavior when Following: A Hybrid SVM-Based Method Poster 1340 Convention Center, Hall A 20-02682 B381
Monday, 3:45PM-5:30PM N. Masoud, Forecasting Aggressive Driving in a Connected Vehicle Environment through Unsupervised Learning Poster 1342 Convention Center, Hall A 20-04850 B332
Monday, 6:00PM-7:30PM S. Feng, Y. Feng, H. Sun, Y. Zhang, and H.X. Liu, Adaptive Testing Scenario Library Generation (ATSLG) for Connected and Automated Vehicles Poster 1355 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01534 B434
Tuesday, 8:00AM-9:45AM Y. Zhao, X. Yan, and H.X. Liu, A Probabilistic Model for Traffic Volume Reconstruction Based on Data Fusion Poster 1408 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01866 A109
Tuesday, 8:00AM-9:45AM Y. Zhao, X. Yan, and H.X. Liu, A Data Fusion Framework for Traffic Volume Reconstruction from Low-Rank Structures Poster 1408 Convention Center, Hall A 20-05764 A120
Tuesday, 8:00AM-9:45AM J. Zheng and H.X. Liu, DASCOS: Dynamic Area-wide Signal Control Optimization System Using Trajectory Data Poster 1420 Convention Center, Hall A 20-03418 B349
Tuesday, 8:00AM-9:45AM Y. Feng, Z. Yang, M.R. Amini, Q. Hu, and J. Sun, Eco-trajectory Planning Considering Cut-in Intention for Hybrid Electric Connected Vehicles Poster 1412 Convention Center, Hall A 20-04420 A212
Tuesday, 10:15AM-12:00PM Z. Yang, Y. Feng, and H.X. Liu, Integrated Traffic Signal and Vehicle Trajectory Control in a Mixed Traffic Condition Poster 1495 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01378 B328
Tuesday, 10:15AM-12:00PM R. Loretta-Batlle, Z. Wang, M. Liu, J. Zheng, and H.X. Liu, Efficient Network-wide Signal Coordination with Multiple Cycle Lengths and Trajectory Data Poster 1495 Convention Center, Hall A 20-03137 B329
Tuesday, 10:15AM-12:00PM S. Huang, W. Wong, Q.A. Chen, M.Z. Mao, H. X. Liu, and Y. Feng, Cyber-Vulnerability Analysis for Connected Vehicle Based Traffic Signal Control Systems Poster 1495 Convention Center, Hall A 20-02213 B338
Tuesday, 10:15AM-12:00PM N. Masoud, Trajectory Planning for Connected and Automated Vehicles: Cruising and Platooning in Mixed Traffic Poster 1494 Convention Center, Hall A 20-03920 B320
Tuesday, 10:15AM-12:00PM M.R. Amini, Y. Feng, Z. Yang, I. Kolmanovsky, and J. Sun, Long-term Vehicle Speed Prediction via Traffic Data Mining for Improved Energy Efficiency of Connected Electric Vehicles Poster 1487 Convention Center, Hall A 20-04175 A190
Tuesday, 3:45PM-5:30PM Y. Guo, S. Agrawal, S. Peeta, and I. Benedyk, Understanding the Impacts of Pokémon GO on Route and Mode Choice Decisions Lectern 1584 Convention Center, 145A 20-00422  –
Tuesday, 6:00PM-7:30PM K. (Nadia) Gkritza, C.s Gkartzonikas, and L. Lorena Losada Rojas, Market Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles in Transportation Disadvantaged Areas: Implications for Policy and Planning Poster 1652 Convention Center, Hall A P20-21491 A155
Wednesday, 8:00AM-9:45AM Y. Zhang and J. D. Fricker, Multi-State Semi-Markov Modeling of Recurrent Events: Estimating Driver Waiting Time at Semi-Controlled Crosswalks Poster 1692 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01032 B345
Wednesday, 10:15AM-12:00PM Y. Li, Z. Chen and Y. Yin, Robust Optimal Deployment of Roadside Units in Transportation Networks with Mixed Traffic Poster 1728 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01403 A122
Wednesday, 10:15AM-12:00PM S. Spana, L. Du and Y. Yin, A Coordinated Routing Mechanism for Connected Vehicles with Information Perturbation Under Mixed-Strategy Congestion Game Poster 1728 Convention Center, Hall A 20-02073 A107
Wednesday, 10:15AM-12:00PM M. Miralinaghi and S. Peeta, On the Design of Tradable Credit Scheme to Manage Vehicular Emissions under Traveler Heterogeneity in Future Credit Price Perception Poster 1728 Convention Center, Hall A 20-04775 A126
Wednesday, 2:30PM-4:00PM Y. Zhao and H.X. Liu, Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Probe Vehicle Penetration Rates and Queue Length Distributions from Probe Vehicle Data Poster 1758 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01782 A119
Wednesday, 2:30PM-4:00PM Y. Zhao, S. Shen, and H.X. Liu, A Hidden Markov Model for the Estimation of Dependent Queues Using Probe Vehicle Data Poster 1758 Convention Center, Hall A 20-01901 A121