Upcoming Events

CCAT Research Review
September 29, 2020
1:00-2:00 PM EDT

Please join us for the CCAT Research Review, presenting:

Dr. Jeffery Roesler, Associate Head for Graduate Affairs Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Vehicle to Pavement Sensing for Lateral Lane Position

While autonomous vehicles (AVs) offer significant safety benefits for drivers, to gain widespread approval from the public and road agencies, redundant vehicle to infrastructure capabilities are necessary. This is especially true in areas with adverse weather conditions such as snow and ice.

Existing AV technology is able to send safety messages to roadside units (RSUs) and other vehicles (V2V), but communication with concrete and asphalt requires embedded sensors. This research proposes a passive sensing approach that detects local changes in the pavement’s electromagnetic signature so that vehicles can determine their lateral lane position. This free webinar will include a Q&A session. We hope that you can join us!

Nexus Foundations of Mobility

Course 1
Mobility Behavior and Technology
September 1

This 15-week online course focuses on individuals’ choices within the scope of mobility, including the role of mobility in individual equity, such as health, and external social influences like environmental and safety concerns. This is an online, self-paced course that includes 4 continuing education units (CEU).

The instructional team includes:

  • John DeCicco
  • Carol Flannagan
  • Robert Hampshire
  • Monica Jones
  • Henry Liu
  • James Sayer

Course 2
Mobility Systems Design, Finance and Regulation
October 1

This 15-week online course covers the impact of mobility on communities, ranging from community development, land use, individual choice, and regulatory considerations within the scope of transportation and autonomous vehicles. This is an online, self-paced course that includes 4 continuing education units (CEU).

The instructional team includes:

  • Peter Adriaens
  • Robert Goodspeed
  • Jonathan Levine
  • Neda Masoud
  • James Sayer
  • Ian Williams
Azim Eskandarian Headshot
CCAT Distinguished Lecture Series
Postponed Until Further Notice

Please join us for the CCAT Distinguished Lecture Series event, presenting:

Azim Eskandarian, Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Virginia Tech
Advances in Vehicle Safety and Mobility Leading to Autonomous Driving

Azim Eskandarian established the autonomous systems and intelligent machines laboratory at Virginia Tech (VT) to research intelligent and autonomous vehicles and mobile robotics. He has over 35 years of academic and engineering experience and has conducted pioneering research in dynamics and control, intelligent systems, and applied mechanics, with applications in intelligent vehicles, vehicle dynamics and control, automotive safety, neuroengineering, and robotics. Dr. Eskandarian was awarded the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Society’s (ITS) Oustanding Researcher Award in 2017 and the George Washington University’s (GWU) School of Engineering Oustanding Researcher Award in 2013. He was among the top five cited authors of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) between 2001-2010.

For the foreseeable future, roadways will be a mixed environment of no and partial automation. The most persistent challenge is driving safety which causes over 35,000 fatalities and 2.2 million injuries annually in the United States alone. These crashes result in over 230 million dollars in economic loss every year. This lecture will go over areas of research on vehicle control systems, signal processing, and communication enabled connectivity that can address this pervasive vehicle safety problem. First, Professor Eskandarian will discuss a holistic approach to vehicle safety and its advanced research challenges, Next, he will review advances in vehicle systems, ranging from partial to full autonomy and their collision avoidance implications. Finally, he will cover the future of driving that ensures functional mobility, safety, and congestion mitigation while minimizing energy impacts. You can read the complete abstract here.

Note: In response to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the state of Michigan as well as the safety of our speaker/attendees, we are postponing the CCAT Distinguished Lecture Series for March. We thank everyone that registered for their interest and hope everyone will be available when a new date is announced. Please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to get updates on this, and future events, as well as our mailing list.