Supporting People with Vision Impairments in Automated Vehicles

Robin Brewer

Nicole Ellison

Principal Investigator(s):
Robin Brewer, Assistant Professor of Information – The University of Michigan, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – The University of Michigan
Nicole Ellison,┬áProfessor of Information – The University of Michigan

Project Abstract:
This project will provide insights on the challenges and potential barriers to their adoption of AVs. We will examine adoption and use of ridesharing services, which are similar means of single-rider transportation for PwVI, by conducting observations and interviews. Also, we will investigate social receptiveness of sighted people and PwVI towards the use of AVs through focus groups. From these studies, we will be able to provide recommendations to AV manufacturers and suppliers for how to best design vehicles and interactive systems that mitigate barriers that PwVI face.

Research Thrust(s): Human Factors