Student Poster Competition

2021 Student Poster Competition at the CCAT Global Symposium

Promotional Image for the CCAT Student Poster Competition

The Student Poster Competition returns this April during the CCAT Global Symposium on Connected and Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure. This event is co-sponsored by the Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan and invites undergraduate and graduate students from U.S.-based institutions to participate.

2021 Student Poster Competition Winners

Graduate Winner

Student Name: Egemen Okte
Presentation Title: A Framework to Determine Road Networks’ Platoonability
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Graduate Runner-Up

Student Name: Sachindra Dahal
Presentation Title: Passive Electromagnetic Signature of Roadway for Vehicle Lateral Positioning
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Undergraduate Winner

Student Name: Sion Pizzi
Presentation Title: A Learning-based Trajectory Prediction Approach for Heterogeneous Traffic Agents
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2021 Student Poster Competition Finalists

Student Name: Ashraf Alrajhi, Aravind Ramakrishnan, & Egemen Okte
Presentation Title: Rest Period Effect on Pavement’s Permanent Deformations under Truck Platooning Configurations
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Student Name: Jairaj Chetas Desai
Presentation Title: Agile Work Zone Management Based on Probe Traffic Data
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Student Name: Justin Mahlberg
Presentation Title: Automation of Liquid Deicer
Abstract | Poster

Student Name: Enrique Daniel Saldivar Carranza
Presentation Title: Deriving Operational Traffic Signal Performance Measures from Vehicle Trajectory Data
Abstract | Poster

Student Name: Rahul Suryakant Sakhare
Presentation Title: Connected Vehicle Data for Interstate Performance Measures
Abstract | Poster

Student Name: Haowei Sun
Presentation Title: Corner Case Generation and Analysis for Safety Assessment of Autonomous Vehicles
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Student Name: Amirmahdi Tafreshian
Presentation Title: A Traveler Incentive Program for Promoting Community Based Ridesharing
Abstract | Poster

Student Name: Shuyi Yin
Presentation Title: Optimal Control of Urban Curbside Parking Mixed Connectivity, Mixed Controllability, and Traffic Impact
Abstract | Poster

Student Name: Ethan Zhang
Presentation Title: Step Attention Sequential Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
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