Technology Transfer

CCAT consortium members have extensive experience in moving research into practice. For example, the U-M’s TechLab, a new opportunity for collaboration among university researchers, advanced transportation startups and student innovators.

Technology Advisory Board (TAB):

The CCAT Technology Advisory Board (TAB)  consists of experts from industry, government, academia. The member organizations are Central State University, Econolite, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Illinois Department of Transportation, Indiana Department of Transportation, Michigan Department of Transportation, Purdue University, Toyota, University of Akron, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Verizon Wireless, Washtenaw Community College, and WSP. The Technology Advisory Board is instrumental in selecting and enhancing CCAT projects to ensure the highest quality research for connected and automated transportation. The TAB input is critical to ensuring results-driven research and maximizing technology transfer.