Alexandra K. Murphy


Assistant Professor of Sociology – The University of Michigan

Dr. Murphy has conducted qualitative and quantitative research on transportation insecurity in the United States. With collaborators, she has developed the Transportation Security Index, the first validated individual-level measure of transportation insecurity. This index is being used to evaluate policies and programs that seek to advance transportation equity goals. Murphy has also used it in research to investigate the causes and consequences of transportation insecurity and has used it to generate the first prevalence estimates of transportation insecurity in the US. Another line of Murphy's work draws on interview, ethnographic, and historical methods to investigate the suburbanization of poverty. Dr. Murphy holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from Princeton University and a BA in Urban Studies from Barnard College.

Their Research

Learning Mobility Insecurity from Location Intelligence Data
Principal Investigator(s):
Marco Nie, Ying Chen, & Alexandra K. Murphy
Research Focus: Equity