Edison Perdomo

Central State University



Associate Professor and Chair of Social & Behavioral Sciences – Central State University

Dr. Edison Perdomo is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Central State University (CS). He is also the current Chair of the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Perdomo earned his bachelor’s degree at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey where he focused on the effects of behavioral contrast in the development of anxiety in animal models. Later, Dr. Perdomo earned his master’s and Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. As a biopsychologist, he examined the role of early behavior in the development of cardiovascular and thermoregulatory systems. He is working on a cross-disciplinary, multistate project that aims to reduce the disparity in access to technical assistance and resources for minority-owned, underrepresented farmers using sustainable methods in response to climate change. He participated in research to understand the psychological implementation on regulating air, water, and solid waste. While primarily engineering issues, there is a need to investigate the role psychology plays in the Environmental-Energy Health nexus. Communities of color are equally affected by energy-related issues and environmental factors, but often lack the access, training, and ability to respond to the challenges of climate change. Additionally, Dr. Perdomo has been working on issues of health disparities, food insecurities, and environmental justice. This research has also led to interest in exploring the role of urban gardening and horticultural therapy in the psychological and nutritional well-being of individuals living in poverty and in food deserts across the globe.

Their Research

Infusing Sustainability into Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Principal Investigator:
Krishnakumar Nedunuri, Ramanitharan Kandiah, Deng Cao, & Edison Perdomo
Research Focus: Cybersecurity, Equity