Amanda Blomberg Stathopoulos


Associate Professor and William Patterson Junior Professorship Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering – Northwestern University

Amanda Blomberg Stathopoulos is an Associate Professor, and William Patterson Junior professorship Chair, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northwestern University since 2014. She finished her Ph.D., in Transport Economics at the University of Trieste in Italy 2012, and worked as a post-doc in the Transport and Mobility Laboratory at EPFL in Switzerland until she joined Northwestern. Her research centers on transportation systems decision-making, adoption of innovation, and impacts on society. Her scholarship integrates quantitative and qualitative multi-disciplinary insights and develops data-collection and frameworks to study how society adopts/adapts to evolving mobility technologies. The goal is to contribute to more responsive and equitable planning, design, and policy-setting for new mobility systems. In the context of CCAT, she will investigate the societally responsible deployment of automated vehicles. The future equity of opportunities depends on how new mobility solutions are designed and deployed within existing mobility systems and broader society. This important question calls for new research to better understand the relationship between access to work opportunities, the changing landscape of the future of work, and opportunities for automated shuttles to address the broader societal inequities related to job access. She is the vice chair of the National Academies TRB Standing Committee on 'Travel Demand Forecasting' and a member of the Standing Committee on ’Statistical Methods'. She is a Zephyr Foundation Board member. Her research has been supported by multiple funding agencies such as the U.S. NSF, the Department of Transportation, and the US State Department. She received the NSF Career Award in 2019.

Their Research

Addressing Spatial Mismatch in Labor and Transportation Access with Connected Automated Shuttles to Meet the Needs of Low-Income Populations
Principal Investigator(s):
Amanda Blomberg Stathopoulos
Research Focus: Mobility, Equity