Making CAV Deployments Compatible with Complete Streets Objectives

Making CAV Deployments Compatible with Complete Streets Objectives

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Hani Mahmassani
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Principal Investigator(s):

Hani Mahmassani, William A. Patterson Distinguished Chair in Transportation – Northwestern University
Director – Northwestern University Transportation Center (NUTC)

Project Abstract:
The primary question motivating this research effort is how to design and operate complete streets that accommodate both the requirement of flow efficiency achievable through connectivity, automation and shared autonomous mobility services with the aspirations for equitable access to micromobility and human-scale urban spaces. The main objectives include (1) develop component models that comprise the multi-dimensional interactions taking place in a Complete Street environment with added CAVs; (2) obtain data on the more vulnerable (and under-represented) user categories, especially bicycling and micromobility; and (3) integrate components in simulation framework and perform initial prototype testing.

Institution(s): Northwestern University

Award Year: 2024

Research Focus: Safety, Mobility, Equity

Project Form(s):