Lisa Molnar

University of Michigan

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Research Associate Professor – The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

Dr. Molnar’s research has focused primarily on traffic safety and driver behavior. Specific topics of interest include older driver safety and mobility; the use of vehicle technology to improve driver safety; behavioral effects and safety outcomes associated with traffic laws, policies, and programs; adolescent driving behavior; prevention of alcohol-impaired driving; and use and misuse of safety belts and child safety seats. In the area of older driver safety and mobility, she had led or currently leads projects on better understanding how changes in cognitive, perceptual, and psychomotor abilities can affect driving behavior and what can be done to maintain safe driving. She also recently led a project examining age differences in the transfer of control between manual and automated driving in an automated vehicle.

Their Research

Guidelines for Development of Evidence-Based Countermeasures for Risky Driving
Principal Investigator:
Lisa Molnar
Research Thrusts: Enabling Technology, Human Factors
Promoting Inclusive Design and Deployment of Connected and Automated Vehicles for Older Adults Through Education and Training of Engineering Students and Older Drivers
Principal Investigator:
Lisa Molnar, Feng Zhou, David W. Eby, Carol Flannagan, & Ping Yi
Research Thrusts: Control & Operations, Enabling Technology, Human Factors