Shan Bao

University of Michigan

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Associate Research Scientist – The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)
Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
– University of Michigan-Dearborn

Dr. Shan Bao earned her Ph.D. in mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Iowa in 2009. Dr. Bao has led multiple, large, simulator and naturalistic-driving studies for industry and government sponsors. Her areas of expertise include the statistical analysis of crash datasets and naturalistic data, vulnerable road user safety, experimental design, algorithm development to identify driver states and movement, evaluation of driving-safety technologies, measurement of driver performance, driver decision making, and statistical and stochastic modeling techniques. She has given multiple keynote speeches and served on expert panels at different conferences or meetings. She has also made technical presentations on scientific project results at many international conferences with a wide range of audiences. Dr. Bao is the author of recent IEEE e-learning course of “Human Factors in Automated Vehicles”.

Their Research

A Data-Driven Autonomous Driving Systems for Overtaking Bicyclists
Principal Investigator:
Brian Lin & Shan Bao
Research Thrusts: Human FactorsModeling & Implementation
A Naturalistic Bicycling Study in the Ann Arbor Area
Principal Investigator:
Shan Bao & Fred Feng
Research Thrusts: Enabling Technology, Human Factors, Infrastructure Design & Management, Policy & Planning
CAV-Based Intersection Maneuver Assist Systems (CAVIMAS) and Their Impact on Driver Behavior, Acceptance, and Safety
Principal Investigator:
Anuj K. Pradhan, Shan Bao, & Heejin Jeong
Research Thrusts: Enabling Technology
CAV Testing Scenario Design and Implementation Using Naturalistic Driving Data and Augmented Reality
Principal Investigator:
Yiheng Feng, Shan Bao, & Henry Liu
Research Thrusts: Control & OperationsEnabling Technology, Human Factors, Modeling & Implementation
DeepScenario: City Scale Scenario Generation for Automated Driving System Testing & Evaluation
Principal Investigator:
Henry Liu, Shan Bao, & Brian Lin
Research Thrusts: Enabling Technology, Human Factors, Modeling & Implementation
How Vehicle Connectivity Based Eco-Routing Choices Will Impact Driver Decision Making
Principal Investigator:
Shan Bao & James Sayer
Research Thrusts: Enabling TechnologyHuman FactorsPolicy & Planning
Machine Learning, Human Factors and Security Analysis for the Remote Command of Driving: An Mcity Pilot
Principal Investigator:
Robert Hampshire, Walter Lasecki, & Shan Bao
Research Thrusts: Control & OperationsEnabling TechnologyHuman Factors