Tierra Bills


Former Michigan Society Fellow and Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering – University of Michigan
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering – Wayne State University

Prior to her fellowship at UMich, Dr. Bills worked as a Research Scientist at IBM Research Africa for 3 years, in Nairobi Kenya. Much of Dr. Bills’ current research focuses on investigating the social impacts of transportation projects. She develops activity-based travel-demand models to investigate individual and household-level transportation-equity effects, for the purpose of designing transportation systems that will provide more equitable returns to society. Her latest project aims to understand the potential for next-generation transit systems to affect transportation equity outcomes. Her general areas of interest include Transportation equity analysis, emerging data sources for travel demand modeling, and transit design and reliability. Dr. Bills's research interests generally include discrete choice analysis and behavioral modeling, transportation planning, and emerging data sources in transportation modeling. Dr. Bills holds a B.S in Civil Engineering Technology from Florida A&M University (‘08), and M.S (’09) and Ph.D. (’13) degrees in Transportation Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Their Research

On Transportation Equity Implications of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV): A Review of Methodologies
Principal Investigator:
Tierra Bills
Research Thrusts: Policy & Planning