CAV Pilot Development and Deployment in Midwest Winter

CAV Pilot Development and Deployment in Midwest Winter

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Ziran Wang
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Principal Investigator(s):

Ziran Wang, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering – Purdue University

Project Abstract:
The project centers on the deployment of a connected and automated vehicle (CAV) system equipped with innovative large language vision models (LLVMs) to navigate complex winter scenarios in the Midwest. This approach aims to improve safety by reducing weather-related incidents, enhance mobility through shorter travel time, and promote equity by improving human-autonomy teaming effectiveness for diverse populations, particularly in extreme weather conditions. Real-world demonstrations will be conducted by a fully equipped CAV on a professional test track, generating vital data and experience to inform future CAV development and deployment in the Midwest.

Institution(s): Purdue University

Award Year: 2024

Research Focus: Safety, Mobility, Equity

Project Form(s):