CCAT Director Guest on No U-Turn Podcast

CCAT Director Guest on No U-Turn Podcast

CCAT Director, Dr. Henry Liu, was recently a guest on the No U-Turn Podcast, a show all about the exciting changes in transportation and the technology that is playing a key role in leading us into the future.

While the podcast mostly focuses on air transportation, with guests including Michelle Schwartz, Glady Singh, and Fred Judson, Henry was brought on as the first ground transportation episode. Hosts Basil Yap, Chris Fernando, and Ravi Singh learned about his beginnings in China and the struggles that he faced with English as a second language when starting at the University of Wisconsin. He also opened up about his decision to select an English name which he shares with a Senior Transportation Research Engineer at the Federal Highway Administration

Henry got to describe the many hats he wears as a Director of the Center for Connected and Automated Transportation (CCAT) and the Michigan Traffic Lab, a Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, and a Research. Henry highlighted the importance of mentorship in his early years and with his students today. They also dove into the leave of absence he took to join DiDi Chuxing as Chief Scientist on Smart Transportation.

People interested in learning more about our Director can listen to the full episode below!

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