Carol Flannagan

University of Michigan

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Research Associate Professor – The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)
Director – Center for the Management of Information for Safe and Sustainable Transportation (CMISST)

Dr. Flannagan has over 20 years of experience conducting data analysis and research on injury risk related to motor vehicle crashes and was responsible for the development of a model of injury outcome that allows side-by-side comparison of public health, vehicle, roadway, and post-crash interventions. She has also applied statistical methods to the understanding of the potential benefits of crash-avoidance technologies and works to develop novel applications of statistics to improve understanding of transportation safety. Dr. Flannagan’s current work with CMISST involves the fusion and analysis of large state-level crash databases, which are useful in analyzing the effect of a variety of countermeasures on crash involvement and injury risk. In addition, her group is working to make data available to researchers to expand the community of experts in transportation data analysis.

Their Research

Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Data Infrastructure and Access
Principal Investigator:
Henry Liu & Carol Flannagan
Research Thrusts: Control & Operations
Promoting Inclusive Design and Deployment of Connected and Automated Vehicles for Older Adults Through Education and Training of Engineering Students and Older Drivers
Principal Investigator:
Lisa Molnar, Feng Zhou, David W. Eby, Carol Flannagan, & Ping Yi
Research Thrusts: Control & Operations, Enabling Technology, Human Factors