Carol Flannagan

University of Michigan

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Research Professor – The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)
Director – Center for the Management of Information for Safe and Sustainable Transportation (CMISST)

Dr. Flannagan has over 30 years of experience conducting data analysis and research on injury risk related to motor vehicle crashes. Her recent work on crash-avoidance technologies includes the application of statistical methods to estimate the effectiveness and potential benefits of crash-avoidance technologies as well as the safety assessment of automated driving systems (ADS). Dr. Flannagan’s work often involves the fusion and analysis of large state- and national-level databases, including crash, EMS, and hospital data. These fused databases are useful in analyzing the effect of a wide variety of countermeasures on crash involvement and injury risk. Finally, Dr. Flannagan has worked to develop and apply a wide variety of new and old statistical approaches, such as natural language processing, Bayesian methods, and causal inference methods to address transportation data issues and answer transportation research questions.

Their Research

Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Data Infrastructure and Access
Principal Investigator:
Henry Liu & Carol Flannagan
Research Thrusts: Control & Operations
Promoting Inclusive Design and Deployment of Connected and Automated Vehicles for Older Adults Through Education and Training of Engineering Students and Older Drivers
Principal Investigator:
Lisa Molnar, Feng Zhou, David W. Eby, Carol Flannagan, & Ping Yi
Research Thrusts: Control & Operations, Enabling Technology, Human Factors