2018 Research Projects

Adapting Land Use and Infrastructure for Automated Driving
Principal Investigator:
Yafeng Yin & Srinivas Peeta
Research Thrusts: Policy & Planning
Big Data Drive Deployment in a Connected Vehicle Environment
Principal Investigator:
James Sayer & Yiheng Feng
Research Thrusts: Enabling Technology
Changes in Highway Agency Expenditures and Revenue in an Era of CAVs
Principal Investigator:
Samuel Labi, Kumares Sinha, & Mohammad Miralinaghi
Research Thrusts: Infrastructure Design & ManagementModeling & ImplementationPolicy & Planning
CAV Systems Incorporating Air Pollution Information from Traffic Congestion
Principal Investigator:
Krishnakumar Nedunuri, Ramanitharan Kandiah, & Deng Cao
Research Thrusts: Enabling TechnologyModeling & Implementation
Supporting People with Vision Impairments in Automated Vehicles
Principal Investigator:
Robin Brewer & Nicole Ellison
Research Thrusts: Human Factors