Lessons from High-speed Level-5 AV Racing

Lessons from High-speed Level-5 AV Racing

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Samuel Labi
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Principal Investigator(s):

Samuel Labi, Professor of Civil Engineering – Purdue University
Director – NEXTRANS

Project Abstract:
The research is using Purdue’s Dallara, a Level 5 AV worth $1M, to identify lessons from the racing competitions that can be applied to facilitate safe AV operations at high-speed road corridors such as freeways. These lessons will be drawn from areas including issues related to sim-to-real transitions of the AV control, cyber-infrastructure design, and policy, fine-tuning of control algorithms for vehicle stabilization, and design of optimal trajectories at banked sections. The research is using literature reviews, surveys, simulations and theoretical analysis, AV runs at racetracks and road courses, and empirical analysis of data from AV runs at Putnam Park and Lucas Oil Raceway in Indy.

Institution(s): Purdue University

Award Year: 2024

Research Focus: Safety, Mobility

Project Form(s):