Driving Etiquette

Driving Etiquette

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Huei Peng
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Principal Investigator(s):

Huei Peng, Roger L. McCarthy Professor of Mechanical Engineering – The University of Michigan
Director – Mcity

Project Abstract:
The “Driving Etiquette” concept aims to establish statistics from large quantity of naturalistic driving data, and use the finding to ensure autonomous vehicles drive “like safe human drivers”. The motivation is from the observation that Google cars have been involved in 15 crashes over its first 1.4 million miles. This is about four times more frequent than human drivers’ crash statistics. We hypothesize that if highly autonomous vehicles behave more like “normal” human drivers, they can operate more seamlessly in the traffic, and the crash rate may improve. “Learning etiquette” involves collecting a large amount of video data, and use the data to train algorithms to learn about “what is appropriate”.

Institution(s): University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Award Year: 2017

Research Thrust(s): Control & Operations

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